Property Amenities

Our 20+ acre property is located at the foot of Bearwallow Mountain. It is partially wooded and partially fields. We have a stocked pond for fishing (catch & release) with an adjacent picnic shed and fire pit. Wood, lighter fluid, and matches are supplied (but please put the lid back on the fire pit afterwards!).  Deer are frequently seen in the field. Birds abound. Coyotes can be heard at night. In summertime fireflies light up the evening. Just  as you come in to the property there’s a small old historic house, the last one still existing of twelve in the immediate neighborhood (all built by the same man). A piece of the property up  across the public road adjoins Clear Creek which is state trout waters (license required to fish). There you will find David’s campfire, a two story picnic shed with a balcony over the creek, and other interesting buildings – either rescued or hand built by David.  Not to mention David’s famous barbeque cooker (made from a milk tank).  There are frequently interesting activities taking place down by the creek – making curly willow wreaths, or holiday wreaths, picking or packing up some apples, fishing, and firing up the barbeque cooker – perhaps somebody’s birthday cookout, or just hanging out by the campfire.     There is also a little wooded path along side the creek. A longer hike (but not too long) takes you back into the woods and back out again on the other side of the property. At the uphill side of the property, back behind the three wooded cabins, and past our property line there is just woods for miles and miles. A true out in the country feeling, yet not too far from the amenities of town, or the surrounding area’s multitude of outdoor activities.